Happy Accidents

by Chestpiece

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We'll thank people during our Kids Choice Awards acceptance speech. Till then, the people that matter know who you are, mostly.


released December 9, 2011

Dave Bundren: Bass/Vox
Darrell Johnson: Drums
Robert Mathis: Guitar/Vox
Rich Ochs: Guitar/Vox
Jordan Stern: Guitar/Trumpet/Vox
Andy Jones: Engineering/Vox on Cassius Clay
Friends: Gang Vox

Special thanks to WXJM Studios for letting us remodel it into our house during recording.

VERY VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO Raechel Hurd for the album art!
chestpieceband@gmail.com <---Book us?



all rights reserved


Chestpiece Harrisonburg, Virginia

5-piece garage-punk whatever from Harrisonburg, VA. Give us a kids choice award please.

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Track Name: Worst Birthday Ever!
I guess I'll just go home

You gotta get your shit together

Before the beach closes at 10
Before the sunlight comes instead
Before the kids all go to bed
Before I'm dead

You're just too much, I guess I'll just go home

You gotta get yours before I'm gonna get mine

Before the beach is closed for life
Before the sunlight is too bright
Before the kids are not all right
Before I'm out of sight

You're just too much, I guess I'll just go home

You gotta get yours before I'm gonna get mine....
Track Name: Rusty
The backseat of
My parents' jeep
I could be worse, I could be beautiful
Then I went to the funeral
That's fucked
Fucked up in more ways than one
Dontchu love when I make puns?
I got a million of em honey, I can't promise they'll be funny at all

So I'm just sorry

I'm sorry, I'm a little rusty
And that's fucked up
Track Name: RIP Miguel
I try to get it away
Reach for the pills every day
Oh I never sleep, so I'll just stay up late
And it's hard to stand still when your hands start to shake

I guess I'll try to get by
Sail away under the sea
To be me

Be good again
Do not forget who is your friend
18 and fucked and you still have to live
But this one little pill is all I can give

Better luck next time!
Track Name: Nice Guyyy
Right in the corner of the sink you had a bit much to drink, you crawled on your hands and knees, and this is the thanks I get?

(Unnatural) You're not a natural redhead....baby.

Track Name: Cassius Clay
Do you know what my problem is?
I don't get the attention I think I deserve
So i'll cut off my jeans and i'll shorten my shirts
Because my game plan is failing
But that ship is sailing
So i need an anthem to set things straight
But i'm all out of jock jamz, it's just too late
So i guess i'll be a loser
And i'll stay that way forever!

I will lose everything i love :(

Everything must go
I'm closing up shop, locking up the door
Throwing rocks in all the windows just bcuz i'm bored
I'll burn the whole place down
So bury me underground
Alive or dead, i don't care, either way
I'm content--what's another lost saturday?
At least it's something to do
It's not like i've got a party or something to go to